Saturday, January 16, 2010

Make recycled paper

Paper recycling is a waste paper processed back into new paper, recycled paper look more beautiful because it has a rough texture which is beautiful artistic motive, would be great if mixed flowers, leaves, etc. for the texture of paper that looked more attractive.

In this case that the purpose of waste paper are: newspaper, magazine, cardboard etc..
The following stages and process of making recycled paper:

Materials: waste paper
2. Equipment: gloves, buckets, water, plywood, fabrics, filters, coloring, bath, blender
3. Process:
a. Tear the paper so you can easily sink when the soak water and blend easily into.
b. Soak the paper a few minutes / hours in the bucket.
c. Paper rinse with clean water immersion.
d. Add coloring if wanted colored paper.
e. Paper blender for 2 to 3 minutes.
f. Drain the blender is a paper that has a pulp.
g. Enter the pulp into a bucket that already contains clean water.
h. Stir pulp and then filtered with a filter.
i. Press the pulp into the plywood is already in layers of white cloth.
j. Drying plywood with paper already printed.
k. If it is dry remove the paper from the plywood board, be a sheet of paper.

Please click here to see the Video making recycled paper

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